Our focus

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a threat to public health that has affected EU Member States in a sudden and dramatic manner. To effectively mitigate the profound implications of the Covid-19 pandemic, specifically on the Greece Italy Programme territory, the adoption of a common approach between the two countries is imperative.

CoofHea2 is an EU co-funded collaborative project under the Interreg V-A Greece –Italy 2014 – 2020 Programme, focused on the creation of a cross border networking initiative for health care, which will provide a systematic approach to the needs of the involved territories, via a combination of strategic actions.


CoofHea2 aims to build capacity for knowledge mobilization and sharing, considering pending legal restrictions in both countries, while focusing on sustainability.

CoofHea2 Objectives

  1. to provide a response to post-covid era
  2. to create a solid and permanent network between Puglia, Ionian Islands,